USB Air-Filtering Ashtray Less Effective Than Quitting Smoking

usbashtray.jpgIs your cigarette smoking habit making your desk area smell like death? Is your family complaining about getting annoying things like cancer and emphysema from your second hand smoke? You could quit smoking, but you've never been a quitter. No, you've always been one to solve your problems with gimmicky gadgets.The USB ashtray filters smoke from your smoldering nic sticks, keeping the air around it relatively clean. It's not going to make the room smell like a pile of daisies, as it's not filtering the smoke you exhale or the smoke that leaves the cigarette when it's not in the ashtray, but it's a start. Now maybe you'll be able to smoke while your kid is taking a nap without your wife giving you a hard time about it. Geez, it's just a bit of smoke! It won't kill him, at least not for a while. [Product Page via Coolest Gadgets]

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