Underwater Holographic Monsters Make Non-Lingerie Catwalks Interesting

hologram-diesel.jpg Fashionistas and animators made these holograms of freaky underwater creatures float around sexy models at the Diesel Spring/Summer '08 show, celebrated a few days ago in Florence. See how they did it and watch the tentacle porn their fascinating movements in the video after the jump.

The creatures were created by Diesel's creative team, Barcelona animation studio Dvein and Danish multimedia production agency Vizoo. The latter created the technology for the projection, which is still a bit of a mystery:

"The visuals are projected through a series of 'foils' into mid air, so you see the images in mid-air. The models can then interact with them and walk through them. We used plastic foils placed at 45-degree angles so that the projected light from the ceiling goes onto a foil, is reflected on to another and then into the air.

We worked it so it had a real catwalk feel and so that you could view it from both sides: You can see the models, the holograms and the public from both sides. It's never been used this way before as the technology has just been used in the corporate world before, for sales presentations, and the visuals have always just been viewed from one side. So we set up two rigs instead."

Seems to me like they are not real holograms but according to the people at the event, the effect is quite stunning when you watch it live. [CR Magic via Oh! Gizmo]

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