Type N700 Bullet Train Gallery

N700-Leans-Into-Turns.jpgDespite its maiden voyage at 6AM on Sunday, the first public N700 drew quite a crowd. 1300 passengers enjoyed the 342 mile trip to Tokyo from Shin-Osaka Station, and in only two hours and twenty five minutes—five minutes shorter than previous trains. If that doesn't impress you, bear in mind the N700 covers the ground almost half as fast as an airplane. Come inside for some gallery love. We got a shot of the cockpit!

They sound like quite an experience for train buffs, as the duck-billed bullet train actually leans into turns, tilting the cabin slightly. The N700 trains are scheduled for eight trips a day, with plans to increase that number to thirty by the end of March.

Also, it looks like the two different classes of seating—the luxury green cars and the standard economy cars—will feature free Internet and trays that fold out for a place to work. The green seats keep all of the hookups confined to the armrest, while the cheaper plugs are located in the wall, near the floor.

Update: Since we seem to have quite a few train lovers visiting, bear in mind that the extra five minutes saved is just from Shin-Osaka Station to Tokyo, and that certain routes have areas with speed limits. The N700 isn't always traveling at top speed. Also, the N700 is the first new bullet train in eight years, so there's more than just a faster train to consider. New amenities as well.

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