Turn Your Dog into Michael Jackson with AirPress O2

DOGS_O2_001.jpgSlightly sad people who humanize their pets will be hyperventilating at the O2 Dog from AirPress. An oxygen chamber that is identical, apparently, to the ones used in beauty treatments for humans, except for the fact that it is dog-sized.DOGS_O2_002.jpg

Oxygen therapy, apparently, reduces wrinkles. So I guess this means that if you put a Shar-pei in the O2 Dog, it will come out as something completely different. [Akihabara News]


    this is the meanest thing in the world dogs were ment to look like dogs and not like humans i mean yeah cut their nails but the wrinkles...like i said leave the dogs out of your pathetic beauty revolved lives

    It didn't help Michael Jackson's nose problem, so how can you reasonably expect it to help a poor old dog?

    Air press pet bed is really a good one ..i think that it has lot of features for your pet because pet beds
    is the most important thing that you can give to your pet..

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