TuneView Controls iTunes on Macs and PCs from 150 Feet Away

keyspan_remote_front.jpg Plug TuneView into your Mac or PC's USB port, and then you can control iTunes from just about anywhere in your house, as long as you don't live in a place that's more than 150 feet wide. The remote has a sharp-looking color LCD screen that's a whole lot like the iPod's screen, showing you the contents of your iTunes library. On the next page, see a tight shot of this now-shipping remote, along with pricing info.keyspan_remote_800.jpg We like the way this $149 unit uses 2.4GHz RF to communicate with its USB dongle, although we're hoping that frequency won't interfere with cellphones and Wi-Fi gear. This device could be especially useful in a home theater, where you might have your Mac or PC outside the room to avoid their noise and heat. Connect the computer to your projector or display, and you can watch iTunes movies and TV shows in your theater while controlling everything from 150 feet away, even through walls. Neat. The only downside is you're forced to use iTunes. [Keyspan TuneView]

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