Trek Madone: The Bike that Owned the Tour De France

conor_button-bike.jpgThis weekend, Spaniard Alberto Contador won the Tour De France mounted on a 2008 carbon-fiber Trek Madone bicycle. What is shocking is that the 2008 high end 6.9 pro frame wasn't used in this race, since it wasn't ready. No, the Discovery team rode and won on their 5.2 midrange bike, with stickers for the 6.9 wrapped around the side. Sure, it's more about the rider's manly thighs and the quality of the steroids injected into one's buttocks, but at any rate, this bike has tech that Trek can brag about. For one, the ball bearing cup that holds the crank was integrated into the frame directly, saving a lot of weight and space. And the seat post slips over the main frame, instead of inside of it, which increases pliability over bumps. These moves shave half a pound, making the bike about 15.4 pounds total.

Discovery is on the 5.2, not the 6.9. It's true; the team is on the 5.2. The 6.9 fuselages were not ready in time so we painted 5.2 fuselages with 6.9 decals. With team spec (Dura-Ace grouppo, Bonty bars, stem, saddle and RXXXL wheels) bikes weigh 7.0kg (15.4lbs). Not bad for our middle of the range fuselage, eh?

The bike is built in different models, with varying grades of componentry and in three varying grades of carbon fiber. The highest end material is OCLV Red, which is packed with a high amount of modulus carbon fiber in their most complex grid. While the whole thing is somewhat of a gadget, the front fork on some lower end models also have an integrated speed sensor that links to a computer by the 2.4Ghz range. That computer is good for tons of data, including:

Altimeter, Wireless Cadence, Maximum Cadence, Heart Rate Zones, Average Heart Rate, Maximum Heart Rate. Trip Time in and Above Heart Rate, Percent Grade, Average Percent Grade, Maximum Percent Grade, Current Speed, Average Speed, Maximum Speed, Odometer, Trip Distance, Elapsed Time, Ride Time, 12/24 Hour Clock, Pacer, Temperature Gauge.

[Trek, Up the Road via Wired, Thanks Mark]

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