Transformer Rings Make You Feel Cool, Look Stupid

Final%3A29%20Transformer.jpgIf you have problems displaying just how much you love the Transformers then get yourself one of these rings. Two types will be made—Destron or Cybertron varieties—and they are strictly limited edition with only 50 being made each. At $185, the money is a small asking price to pay to show your true robot emotions.

All you have to do now is take off any worthless rings you are wearing, (wedding rings etc), and pledge your true allegiance where it matters. Be warned you shall have to repress your excitement; pre-orders are being accepted now, but shipment should not be before next month. To contain yourself in the meantime you could host a Transformer themed party, or have a wet dream about Optimus Prime. The guilty feelings following the second experience would have me advise the first suggestion. Not that I've experienced either, of course. [Product Page via Uber Review]

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