Trail Tune Carabiner Radio Clips on Just About Anywhere

carabiner-radio.jpg Climbers and hikers amongst you will be interested in this carabiner-shaped AM-FM radio from Trail Tune. It's water-resistant and you can attach it to just about anything - although I advise against clipping it to any piercing rings, as it might be a bit painful, unless you're one of those magicians who can pull entire trains along by his Prince Albert - and if you are, I think I might have seen you on YouTube recently. Quick question: did it go back to its original shape, or are you going to be stuck with it like that for the rest of your life?

Battery time (two AAAs, please) is 15 hours and you can preset 20 FM and 10 AM stations. It self-activates sleep mode and can remember the last station you tuned into. All that for $50. [Uber-Review]

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