Toshiba Gigabeat U103 Ships in 24 Colors

gigabeat_colors.jpg The Toshiba Gigabeat U103 takes the idea of colorful digital media players to an unprecedented level, splashing on enough colors to populate a good-sized crayon box. The $114 player that's now available in Japan is now offered in 24 different colors, which is certainly some kind of record. Besides all that cheery colorplay, what else is new with this latest Toshiba player? Not much. In fact, it's just about exactly the same as its predecessor, the Gigabeat U102 released a couple of months ago, with 1GB of onboard memory, a too-small 1.1-inch OLED display, the same files supported and FM radio playback. We'd rather wait around for the upcoming Toshiba Gigabeat MET401 with its Wi-Fi connectivity, but then that'll cost a whole lot more than $114 and might even be called a Zune.

That said, let's hope Toshiba can smack a bit of this color sense into its bosom buddy Microsoft when it's time to gin up the next color scheme for the Zune. [Newlaunches]

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