Tobacco-Flavoured Condoms, Party In Your Mouth

cohiba-condom.jpgIn order to promote safe sex among India's prostitutes, Hindustan Latex Ltd has developed "paan-flavored" condoms—making a man's...cigar...resemble the tasty Indian treat of betel nuts and spices wrapped in tobacco leaves. At first you might say, "Sign me up!!" And we can certainly understand the enthusiasm. But are these prophylactics missing the point?

After all, don't we all smell like tobacco after a good night of partying anyway? I always considered that odoriferous menthol coating on your skin to be free with the purchase of enough drinks—a sort of invisible car freshener for your body, or 25-cent bowling bathroom cologne without the need for spare change.

I remember when taking a girl to a bar and getting her drunk used to mean something—and condoms were something you just pretended to wear. But give me a tobacco AND tequila AND rufie flavored condom...and that's a complete night on the town. [hindlatex via theregister]

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