Tivo Series 3 Lite Specs?

Remember our unconfirmed Tivo Series 3 Lite pics from last week? Maybe they're real, maybe they're not, but someone in the Tivo Community forums is claiming to know TiVo Series Lite 3 specs. They're almost unbelievably similar to the powerful Series 3's specs, but I know you can't resist even fake Tivo specs, so here they are.

AU: With TiVo on its way, it's interesting to keep an eye on the development of official US specs so we can later pin down whether we're getting latest version hardware or some sort of throwback — we already know it is going to be very free-to-air network friendly. -SB.

- BCM740x DVR CPU w/ integrated MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoders - 1x dual MPEG-2 encoder (BCM7041 or possibly an encoder from LSI) - 2x Samsung S5H1411-based tuners (analog/QAM/8VSB) - 128Mb DDR SDRAM - 160Gb SATA HD - Smaller, lower-cost PCB - Cheaper power supply - No THX certification - No OLED display - Standard Tivo remote - $299 MSRP

I wouldn't bet one way or another on these being real. But, the quoted model number shows up on Google, while many of the result pages go blank. Strange indeed. [TiVo Community via Engadget]

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