TimeCap USB Drive is a Digital Urn

timecap.jpg Instead of keeping Aunt Edna's ashes on the mantelpiece, why not just put her digital essence into a TimeCap Digital Urn, a small USB drive designed to last a lifetime. At first we thought this was a hollowed-out container to carry someone's ashes around your neck, but perhaps that would be too morbid. So what is stored inside this thing?timecap2%5B1%5D.jpg Designer Cherif Morsi's idea is more akin to a digital time capsule than an ash-carrying urn. The idea is to load up this USB drive with videos, sound clips, photos and any other digital memorabilia inside its hardened shell, showing the dearly departed in happier times. This design concept, not for sale anywhere yet, might appeal to funeral directors, who might be able to capitalize on someone's grieving state, selling them an item that normally might cost $10 for perhaps well over a thousand. [Yanko Design]

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