Three New Samsung Camcorders In Hi-Def, YouTube-Friendly, and Hybrid DVD-Flash Flavors

Samsung_Camcorder1.jpgToday at its holiday preview in New York, Samsung showed off three camcorders that the company wants to use to jumpstart an industry that has slowed down. These cute, extra shiny devices are keyed into your particular video preference. Want to burn to DVD? Capture in HD? Get it up on the web ASAP? Choose your weapon. Here's the breakdown of the models: • The flagship SC-HMX10 is a high-definition flash-memory camcorder with 8GB built in memory plus SD and SDHC card compatibility for expansion. The $799 model includes 10X optical zoom lens, an HDMI output, a touchpanel LCD screen and electronic image stabilizer. It will be out in September for $799.

• Similar in style to its HD brother is the SC-MX10, called the "YouTube" cam because it is easy to shoot VGA video onto SD card, pop it onto a PC and upload. It has a 34X optical zoom lens. Like the HD version, it has a swivel grip and an iCheck button to instantly report battery life and remaining memory. It will be out in August for $399.

• The third one, the SC-DX10, is a hybrid: it records video either to DVD-R or to flash memory. There's 4GB of internal, but like the others, it is also SD and SDHC compatible. You can even burn video to DVD on the go. It has a touchpanel LCD and, like the others, a swivel grip and iCheck button. It'll be out in September for $549.

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