The Wave LED Coffee Table Provides Motion-Seeking Light Show

light_table.jpgHere's an interactive LED coffee table that refuses to simply table your coffee—it twinkles and sparkles, reacting to movement. The Wave uses 32 near-infrared sensors which observe the space above the table and any motion detected is mimicked with trails of light and color from 480 LEDs. A cat, for instance, would be followed by LEDs as it walked across the table. Once sitting, only its moving parts would be responded to, such as its tail. It's good that the table only uses 35 Watts of power when fully active, or else mesmerized guests would run your coffers absolutely dry. Each 62" long, 31" wide, and 18" high table is made to order and starts at around $2,500. Check out the gallery if you're comfortable with the idea of a table entertaining guests better than you can. [Because We Can via coolest-gadgets]

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