The iPhone Costs Apple $220 in Components

dollar-iphone.jpgHey, a guy's gotta make a buck, and it looks like Apple is a guy that's gotta make a lot of bucks. When technology analyst fir Portelligent dissected the iPhone, they determined the components of the 4GB model run $200, with the 8GB running just $20 more. But Portelligent admits that it's tough to price components with intentionally mysterious origins.

The touchscreen, for example, is estimated to be the most expensive component of the phone at $60. But there are no markings under the surface as to where the screen was manufactured, even though most people believe it was a German company named Balda. The microprocessor is clearly of Samsung origin, even though stamped firmly with the Apple symbol. So does Apple not want companies to know their suppliers, or for the public to know just how cheap their iPhone really is? Taking the iPhone Apart [via newlaunches]

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