The Decider Watch Carries Infinite Wisdom on Your Wrist

decider_watch_front.jpgInstead of just flipping a coin, let The Decider watch make the call, giving you a yes or no answer to any question. Wow, it's like having George W. Bush, the best doggone decider of them all, right there on your wrist 24/7. Just make a snap judgment with a quick glance at this $161 watch from Mr. Jones Watches, and you're on your way to achieving world peace and guaranteeing safety from those pesky evildoers. If you want a more permanent and definitive answer to any quandary, pull on the watch's winding crown, freezing in a yes or no position and leaving little room for doubt. It's quick, easy, and requires very little thought.

The timepiece's only downside is that it's available only in a limited edition of just 100 watches, and it looks like they're going fast. Mr. Jones should manufacture lots more of these, because we're going to be needing them as soon as we lose our Decider, which could happen sooner rather than later. But who knows, maybe a watch like this is behind his celebrated decision-making technique, so the next Decider can wear one too! [Mr. Jones Watches, via Designcentre]

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