The Best Watergun is Buzzbee's Water Warriors Tarantula

07-Tarantula.jpgSlate's Chad Lorenz does an entertaining and technically sound review of modern water guns, choosing the Water Warriors Tarantula as his top choice for best-in-class accuracy, a 33 foot range, and 47 ounce payload good for 112 rounds per reload. This is all despite what I perceive as it's major shortcoming: It's electric. Let me explain.Compared to handcranked, hydraulic and pneumatic models, this one can be a) shorted out by a waterballoon (to which Chad recommends reinforcing your seams with electrical tape) and b) once you're done with 3 reloads, you're also out of juice. Game over, man, Game over! This is a lesson I learned the hard way in 3rd grade, playing with electric waterguns by a company I can't recall now. It's a terrible feeling to be holed up in a bad position as your ammo stream starts to wilt like a tangled garden hose. I suppose that's less of an issue when you're packing 2 of these pistols, John Woo style, with a third one strapped to your back. Hey, they're only $15. Might as well get one for an ankle holster, too. [Slate]

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