Thanko FMP3 Watch Transmits From Wrist to Radio

thanko-fmp3.jpgThanko, that provider of all things gimmicky but good, has just launched another surprisingly useful tool, this time the FMP3 Watch. As the name suggests, we're talking combo MP3 (and WMA too) player and FM transmitter. That's surely enough to make even Mr. Bond a bit envious (although I'm sure those innards would be packed in something from Omega, or whoever the sponsor for the next film ends up being). The watch not only plays files and do the iTrip-thing, great for car travel, but also includes a voice recorder—perfect for on-the-street podcast recordings—as well as line-in recording. Capacity runs three sizes (512MB, 1GB, 2GB), and transfers are done through the included USB cables (USB 2.0 port on the watch). It's even water resistant! Thank you, Thanko. [Thanko RareMono Shop]

thanko-fmp3-2.jpg thanko-fmp3-3.jpg thanko-fmp3-4.jpg thanko-fmp3-5.jpg thanko-fmp3-6.jpg thanko-fmp3-7.jpg

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