TEAC MP-600 Media Player is Thin and Crisp

teac_mp3player.jpgWe like our MP3 players small and wafer-thin, and this TEAC MP-600 qualifies as both because it's about the size of a Triscuit. Even though it's just 3 inches wide and 9mm thin, it still shows off a 3.5-inch touchscreen up front, and packs an FM tuner along with digital voice recording inside. Take the jump for a big pic, and you'll see just how sharp this baby's screen really is.teac_bigpic.jpg Yeah, that's a fine, tack-sharp display, better to play back those videos, but underneath, we just wish this trinket could handle DivX. Wait a minute, it can play back XviD? Now we're really getting interested. Besides that, file compatibility is sparse, supporting just MP3, WMA, DRM9 and JPEG.

Take your pick of 1GB, 2GB ($197) and 4GB ($230) capacities. And hey, if these players can't hold enough of your stuff, you can slip in an MMC/SD flash memory card for even more storage. Not cheap, but thin and tasty.

[TEAC, via Anything but IPod]

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