Taser's Shockwave Cannon Array Like Many Little Lightning Bolts

Tasershockwave.pngTaser just introduced this multiple projectile taser cannon as part of its 2007 Tactical Conference, appropriately named the Shockwave. Each one of those little green boxes can light up an assailant's ass like any particular day happens to be the fourth of July. As you can see in the video, the biggest advantage of the Shockwave, meant for military checkpoints, is that you can be a crap shot and still lay out your enemy. Each unit fires six TASER cartridges, fanning out in a nightmarish 20-degree arc of electricity that's bound to hit something. That's what is called "area denial".

The other boon of the Shockwave is its modularity: you can couple, or "daisy-chain", as many units together as you want. Side by side alignment will enhance your kill, er, incapacitation radius. Stacked, you increase the number of salvos to return against a given attack wave. Of course, the 25-foot range on each TASER cartridge brings to mind every movie that ever featured a grizzled captain eying the enemy horde's approach and growling, "Wait for it... Wait... For... It..." I'd say that's in the "force protection" category.

The products should be in a pilot program this fall, with full release of the Shockwave next year. We'd be happy to product test them, Johnny Knoxville-style, if TASER would grant a media request, if for no other reason than to legitimately use once and for all the phrase, "You can really TASE the difference!" [TASER]

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