Tantalizing Hints at New iPhone Capabilities Uncovered in Firmware

iphone_newapps.jpgThe guys at iPhoneology didn't have anything better to do this weekend, so they were poking around in the iPhone's firmware, and look what they found: four applications they hadn't seen before, including one for mobile radio that's not even supported in the iPhone's hardware. They also found a few widgets that aren't on the iPhone yet, either.apps-1.jpg As you can see in the screenshot above, it has an entry for a Unit Converter, as well as three widgets: a phonebook (something that's already available in the Phone section of the iPhone), a Translation widget and a World Clock. The iPhoneologists also posit that there could be a dictionary in the offing.

Since iPods have gone without radios for so many years, it seems unlikely that the iPhone would adopt such a capability. However, there is already a radio on board with the iPhone, so maybe it's not that much of a leap to guess that there may someday be an FM radio inside the iPhone, too. But we know what radio we'd like to see in there: 3G instead of the EDGE network. [iPhoneology]

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