Sundance Teardrop is Stylish, but Still a Trailer

sundance-teardrop-trailer-3_48.jpg More than just a glorified tin can on wheels, the Teardrop trailer from Sundance is a little pocket of retro heaven - provided your pockets are deep enough to afford the wonga needed to snap one of these up. With an aluminum exterior and maple interior, the 1,000-lb trailer has a whole heap of things inside - including a double bed.

There's LED lighting and a ventilation system in the boudoir, and the galley boasts a two-burner, foldaway stove, hand pump faucet, Formica counter, stainless steel sink and a Coleman steel cooler. There's an awning to keep the sun off you while you're chowing down on that Flame-Grilled Whopper you picked up at the BK just down the road.

Measuring 130 x 72 x 60 inches, and with a price of $24,000, I can't help wondering what this will look like being towed behind a modern car - a plate of sardines and custard, I would guess. [Born Rich]

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