Stringer to Jobs, You're One Greedy MoFo

stevevshoward.jpg On a panel discussion of tech elites, Sony CEO Howard Stringer called Steve Jobs "greedy" because Jobs wants a marketplace in which "only he makes money."

Moderator Anderson Cooper quickly changed the subject, ruining the potential for other such fantastic pullquotes, like:

"And he never calls me anymore!" "Sony is a great company because we REFUSE to make money off our properties." "Fucking iPods! My battery life sucks." "Stupid Steve Jobs, Cool Steve Jobs, the Easter Bunny and an ugly chick walk into a bar. Who picks up the tab? STUPID STEVE JOBS BECAUSE COOL STEVE JOBS IS MAKING OUT WITH THE UGLY CHICK AND THE EASTER BUNNY FREAKING HATES THEM ALL!"

It's not because we deny Jobs is greedy that we make fun of Stringer—it's that Sony has such an obnoxious grasp on the entertainment industry, it's pitiful that they can't use those resources to properly leverage a hardware platform for consumers...and then whine about it. [NYP via macworld]

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