Sprint Adds Social GPS Functionality to 25 Phones

loopt2.jpgIf you liked the social GPS features that Helio offers on both its Drift and Ocean phones—you know, the one that gives you a list of where all your friends are—Sprint's partnering up with loopt to give you something similar. For an extra $2.99, you'll get to add GPS-based social mapping to "more than" 25 Sprint and Nextel phones, which means only already GPS-enabled phones will be able to take advantage of this.

The service actually looks better than Helio's, because it can send alerts to you and others when you happen to be nearby. It makes meeting up at some location a bit easier, and also gives you geotagging for photos taken from your phone as well. Sprint plans to release the service in a couple weeks.

Loopt was originally on Boost Mobile, but honestly, how many people do you know use Boost Mobile? [DigitalTrends]

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