Sony PSP God of War Mod Looks Bloodthirstily Fantastic

godofwarpsp.jpg Really enjoy God of War? Then Gizmodo Buddy Ramon, who created the ultimate DS Lite Zelda mod and the ultimate Legend of Zelda Wii mod, has something for you. It's the, dare we say it, ultimate PSP God of War Mod (Mod of War).

There are red LEDs, golden chains (the game is Chains of Olympus), and a blood red and gold finish that adorns both the front and back. A lot of this stuff is hand sculpted as well. He's even throwing in a display case that looks like an old battle chest. The best part is that proceeds go to the Child's Play charity, which is Penny Arcade's charity to help out sick kids. What better way to play the upcoming God of War game than on this thing? [eBay - Thanks Ramon!]

Gallery [Gizmodo]

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