Sony Gives Japanese Porn a Hand

bluron.jpgBlu-ray's comparisons with Betamax have proven unfounded, at least in the case of pornography. Because Sony is not only allowing pornography on Blu-ray, but they have begun offering resources and technical support to Japan's adult film industry. The pornography industry in Japan is complicated, including restrictions on manufacturing pornographic discs that are outside of Sony's control. To get around this, Sony has sold a Taiwanese company the necessary equipment to copy thousands of DVDs at once in collaboration with Japanese studios.

Plus, during Japan's recent Adult Treasure Expo 2007, adult filmmakers said Sony had begun offering technical support—which was later confirmed by Sony PR, which stated that Sony would offer support to any filmmaker working on the format, no matter the industry they were part of.

At last, we will have our tentacle rape in full HD resolution. [pcworld]

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