Sony Announces Digital TV for PSP

medium_onesegpspfull1.jpgIn an announcement that teases the US for our lack of our 1seg terrestrial digital broadcast, Japanese buyers of the new PSP will be able to receive DVB on their PSP. The PSP-S310 is a digital television receiver add-on for the new PSP that will run $58 and snap on the top of the unit much like their portable EyeToy. It interfaces via USB and will require a Memory Stick to function, despite a lack of DVR. Bonus pic...medium_836128399_e515dd56a7_o.jpg

The S310's release is set to coincide with the new PSP's launch on September 20th. I for one would love to watch TV on my PSP without the need for WiFi and the entire LocationFree setup. Too bad the US is stuck in the Stone Age, projecting moving shadows on rocks through the use of fire. [kotaku]

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