Sleek O2 Cocoon Plays Music, Transforms into Bedside Clock

html_version_04.jpg Yes, it's no iPhone and it's British, but the O2 Cocoon's has a blue LED screen that shines straight through its retro-70s white clamshell design. It can display time, caller or track information, whilst simultaneously looking awesome. Best of all, it can transform: it comes with a dock that converts it into a bedside alarm clock as you can see in the video after the jump.

The phone will hold 500 songs, and has all the right music controls on the side so you don't have to open the clamshell to skip tracks. The dock, called the Nest, turns the handset into an alarm clock which will wake you up with your favourite MP3 and 'Good Morning' written in sweet, sweet LED glow. Add in the 2 mega-pixel camera and you have a well featured phone. It's out in the UK in August. [T3]

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