Short Circuit's Johnny Five On Auction Block Starting at $100,000; Steve Guttenberg Sold Separately

Johnny_5.jpg Johnny Five—hero of Short Circuit, Short Circuit 2, and all the Short Circuit sequels that have been playing only in our hearts since the franchise died in 1988—is indeed alive, and for sale on eBay. The five-foot-tall totally sentient robot is made of aluminum and steel, with "vaccu-formed styrene panels" to conceal his robot sexy parts. Much like WowWee Alive Elvis, the eyes and eyelids are activated with servo-controlled electric motors. A separate exo-skeleton device was built to house his fairly standard looking R/C controllers. All of this is original stuff, so like ridiculously out-of-date.

But it is a piece of history, as the auctioneer says. And it's unique. Although 15 robots were made, most weren't the full deal:

This is the only complete Johnny Five that survived, and is the only one known to exist. It is accompanied with a letter of authenticity from Eric Allard, the robotic special effects supervisor who made this robot for the film.

Go on, I dare you to buy it. [eBay]

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