Shoe Pure 100, Glowy Smell Protection

03_light-off.jpg Sweaty feet + shoes = smelly. The Shoe Pure 100 hopes to...balance that drying out your shoes to prevent bacterial/fungal growth. Shaped like an egg, the Shoe Pure unfolds to reveal two drying hooks. Place your sweaty shoes on, and warm ozone will dry them in about 30 minutes. But what about that light—is that alien glow some sort of UV for extra germ protection?No, it's a sad LED that will do little more than add ambiance to your otherwise drab, stinky Keds, powerless in the battle for sock hops against evil smellies. So for $68, the Shoe Pure might not be worth our money, but we'll gladly encourage your splurge if it saves us the stench. [product via newlaunches]

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