Shoe Pouch Makes the Nike+iPod Sports Kit Compatible with Any Sportswear Brand

shoepouch2.pngA $7.99 gizmo that lets you use the Nike+iPod Sports Kit without having to buy swooshed trainers has gone on sale. The Shoe Pouch is a waterproof bag made of neoprene that you place the sensor inside and attach to your shoe via its shoe laces. There's another pic after the jump.

AU: I've seen one or two of these out there already, and neoprene could be a bit too loose for my money. It needs to be firmly held in place to achieve best accuracy (like, say, in the sole of the shoe?) The best ones are a custom plastic housing that fits tightly into the shoelace weaving.

[Shoepouch via MacMinute] shoepouch1.png

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