Sharp Aquos G Series 120Hz LCD Panels Have Increased Colour Range

sh1_02.jpgSharp is revamping their Aquos G Series first in Japan, then the world. 16 models going from a basic 26-incher to 52 inches of sick-inducing 120Hz Full HD glory. According to Sharp, they increase their colour range adding a fourth wavelength lamp to the backlighting. Despite having no multi-touch capabilities, screen keyboard or any Apple logo to be seen, they share the same sleek black and silver look as that other thing, as you will see in the gallery after the jump.

With a 176 degrees viewing angles and 450cd/m2 brightness, the sets have a 2000:1 dynamic contrast (absolute 900:1 according to Sharp) and come loaded with input ports: 3 HDMI, component, Y/C, composite, DVI, plus two FireWire, S/PDIF digital audio, and surprisingly enough, Ethernet and RS-232C, plus flash card inputs. Prices in Japan will range from $US1,460 of the 26-inch model running at 1,366×768 pixels to $US4,462 for the best 52-inch Full HD model.

Sharp, new "AQUOS G" 16 models [Impress AV Watch]

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