Shadow Hand, As Good As The Real Thing

shadow-hand_18.jpg When we die and are reincarnated as robots, we will all have Shadow Hands. An advanced limb developed mostly for researchers, the Shadow Hand provides 24 unique movements, or 1:1 movement to a real human hand. These movements are spurred by 40 independent muscles, which are extremely cool.Much like our own muscle tissue, the robo muscles are made of woven parts that expand and contract (powered by air pressure here). Designing these of muscles in such a manner allows a control of range and motion and strength—making the Shadow Hand excellent at delicate tasks like picking up coins and eggs. Touch sensors also function as a virtual skin for even greater sensitivity and versatility.

With all the bionic limbs floating around, we need to get something this advanced for human use, ASAP. Or we should redirect such resources to produce fat free pork rinds. Whichever works for me. [shadow via gizmowatch]

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