Semk Cupcake Speakers Are Deliciously Kitsch

cupcake-stereo-speakers-big.jpgYum Yum Yum. Semk's cupcake speakers are a world away from your average girly gizmo. Normally, I would run a mile from this kind of ultra frou-frou, pastel twinkiness, but these little objects are somehow different.

Maybe it's because it looks like a cake and I LOVE CAKE. Of one thing, however, I am sure. A couple of the guys at Mondo Giz would love them - basically because they look like a pneumatic pair of tits, the nipples covered by heart-shaped pasties. No prizes for guessing who I'm thinking of, eh, Jason and Jesus?

Fresh out of the factory, there's no word on price or availability yet, and the Semk site is playing silly buggers right now, but I reckon these will sell like hot cakes. Oh dear. [Technabob]

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