Seetron TP2 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

seetron-tp2.jpgIf you ever have that sinking feeling that your tires are running out of air, this Seetron TP2 Tire Pressure Monitoring System gives you a real-time readout of the psi (pounds per square inch) present in each tire. Once you've placed a sensor in each tire, the data is transmitted to this dashboard-mounted readout, giving you peace of mind without even getting up off your ass.

Heck, you don't even need to look at your tires anymore—you can just glance over at this device while sitting in the driver's seat, and it'll take care of that for you. But we have a suggestion or two for you. You could save yourself $325 and get yourself a pressure gauge, keep it in your glove compartment, and then use it when it looks like your tires might be getting a bit flat. That would do exactly the same thing. Or here's another suggestion: If it sounds like your tires are screeching even when you're not going very fast around corners, that's another indication that a tire or two may be a little low on air.

Seetron TP2 system for cars [Gadgets Technology Blog]

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