Seeing Double Wall Clock Taunts Time as a Constant

seeing-double-clock.jpgOkay, before you get too confused, understand that this 16" Seeing Double Wall Clock is too weird, but unique. This $103 clock can (almost) show you both minutes and hour readings with either of its hands, as long as they're over the LEDs. Why? Let's figure this out together.

This is just one of those weird gadgets that people will ask you, WTF? Why make this? Because they can, that's why. So let's figure this out. If the minute hand in this illustration reaches the 10:15 point, the LED underneath that green film will read 10. And then, the LED under the hour hand, under the red film, will read 15.

And we're guessing that when both hands are on top of each other, the green and red filters will make the wrong number invisible underneath, because there are both green and red LEDs. Or something. But what's wrong with just a regular clock with a minute and hour hand? Or a digital clock?

Product Page [Revivehome, via Coolest Gadgets]

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