Screaming Fan Has an Anatomically Correct Uvula

screamingfan_comp.jpgScare kids and small animals everywhere with The Screaming Fan, a 3D sculpture of a crazed sports fanatic yelling his fool head off. It hangs out your car window, attached by a "break-resistant window bracket," but you'll have to supply your own screaming sound effects. This $25 rubberized torso can't decide whether it's a replica of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" or the spawn of a leftover mold from an inflatable sex doll factory.

screaming_fourshot.jpgAs you can see, there are four different color schemes from which to choose, but it's too bad individual school colors aren't represented. That probably would've driven the cost way higher than $25.

Please, don't drive around with one of these hanging out of your car unless you're on your way to a sporting event. If you live in Boston, you could end up on Fox News. [The Screaming Fan]

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