SanDisk Ducati Edition Flash Drives Look Fast, Cool

ducati_drive_front.jpgSanDisk teamed up with high-end Ducati motorcycles to pimp the raw speed of its latest flash memory drives and cards, and today rolled out some way cool-looking $124.99 USB flash drives that look like the gas tank on a Ducati motorcycle. They're also quick, at 20MBps read/ write speeds, have a 4GB capacity and include a lanyard so you can look like a tool wearing a flash drive around your neck as if it were jewelry. The company also rolled out some even faster flash cards, too. ducati_cf_8gb.jpgThe company showed its latest SanDisk Extreme, 4GB ($164.99) and 8GB ($314.99) Compact Flash cards with 45MBps read/write speeds. They're able to withstand extreme temperatures, from -13°F to 185°F, and the company also says they're more rugged with silicon sealed internals, and also come with a fancy-schmancy case. Extreme-Ducati-SDplus-4GB-a.jpg SanDisk also showed its $129.99 SD Plus card (pictured above), with a USB plug inside so you won't need a reader. That drive is also capable of a speedy 20MB/sec. transfer rate. [Sandisk Ducati Edition USB Flash Drive]

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