Samsung Unveil 3 New Smart Touch NV Cameras

SamsungNV20Front.jpgSamsung has unveiled three new models in their NV range today; the NV8 8-megapixel, the NV15 10-megapixel and the NV20 12-megapixel. They all feature the company's Smart Touch system, which wouldn't be out of place in a fighter plane. Or judging by its sleek looks, in a TIE Interceptor. More details after the jump.

Buttons surround the 2.5" LCD and control different features depending on what part of the menu you're in. They all shoot at ISO 3200, and boast improved stabilization and noise reduction features, as well as Samsung's Face Detection technology which automatically adjusts to focus on people's faces. The NV20 and NV15 will be available in the fall at $399 and $299 respectively. The NV8 is yet to be announced. [PR Web]

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