Samsung Desknote G25, 19-Inch Screen But Where's the Battery?

samsung_g25_front.jpgSamsung today announced its 19-inch Desknote G25 desktop replacement PC, which the company's calling a notebook. However, it doesn't have any batteries inside, so it might be limited on your road trips (if you even have a briefcase that big). It's large enough to have a numeric keypad and there's no wall wart because all the electrical transforming stuff is built in. Size does have its privileges. Check out a few more specs, and some better-than-usual Korean babe shots with the notebook, after the jump.

Samsung says the G25's monster 19-inch screen can crank out a 1000:1 contrast ratio with a brightness of 300cd/m2, which will probably be bright enough to make you squint in a darkened room. Its disk space is also getting voluminous enough to run with the big-dog desktop class, with a 320GB SATA2 hard drive, along with seven USB ports. Available in Korea by late this month, it'll be $1088. [I4U News]

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