Rumored 6G iPod User Interface May Be Real, But Old News

Picture%2018.png Here's a video showing what is supposed to be the iPod 6G user interface. The clips were originally posted by MacRumors, but they have been removed following Apple's request. They look polished enough to be real, but that doesn't mean they will necessarily be the UI of the next-gen iPod. Our reasons, and the clip, after the jump.

While Apple's request to MacRumors could mean that the UI may be real, it could also mean that it may be an earlier concept for a 6G iPod, done before the iPhone UI was completed. Why?

First, it makes sense economically and conceptually for Apple to use the iPhone interface. Having a single UI means a single development effort. In addition to that, Steve Jobs loves consistency and the whole Zen jazz.

Second, Jobs already announced Mac OS X-based iPods, just like the iPhone, and the latter's UI already makes better use of the widescreen interface than the existing iPod interface. Why adapt the older one when you have a brand-new one that everyone thinks is better and more attractive?

Third, the above would explain the lack of security in these shots. I doubt the actual iPod 6G UI will come out off Apple's Fort Knox-like labs.

And finally, the reason Apple requested the removal of their property from MacRumors could be due to fear of the videos affecting public perception and share price.

Oh, and one last reason: I think they suck. [Compilation video from DAPreview]

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