Rock Band Pricing Revealed?

rock_band_collection.jpg Just after we had a first look at the new drums from the upcoming game Rock Band, Amazon has priced the Xbox 360 bundle (so keep in mind, this isn't necessarily final). For $200, you get the game, a mic, wired guitar and drumset. And hearts everywhere are broken. Most players will probably already own a compatible guitar from the Guitar Hero series already to fill in the missing fourth controller, but this pricing still seems too high.As technabob points out, "Purchased separately, the wireless guitar and drum kit are each listed at $79.99, the microphone $29.99, and the game $59.99." That would bring the individual package total to $250. But since a wired controller is included instead, the individual retail should sit closer to $230. While consumers are still, in theory, saving $30, they will be forced to procure a separate guitar (wireless or not) for a bass player...pushing the total to a number more like $260 or $280 for new adopters of the franchise. Just when the game can go mainstream, it may have priced itself out of the market. [amazon via technabob]

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