ROBO Chair, Voice Controlled Massage Chair For the Lazy Elitist

robo_chair_spr%20copy.jpg The INADA ROBO chair is the every-man's dream. It has all of the features that your typical massage chair includes like a 3D rolling mechanism, leg massager and 170Ëš reclining ability. But it has one more trick up its armrest that sets it apart, voice activation.

So when you're too lazy to reach around for the remote, you can just yell at the chair to start rubbing your back. Just like you said to your ex-wife before she left you and took the kids. Although you'll probably have to take out a loan to afford the $6,000 price tag, especially with all the alimony you're probably paying.

The only question left whether it is always listening or is there a button on the remote to make it listen? Because if it's the later of the two then that's a big wah, wah...wahhhh.

ROBO Chair Responds to Voice [UberGizmo]

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