Ring, The Vibrating Alarm

alarm_ring_front.jpgHere's a design concept that's long overdue: it's a vibrating alarm that you wear on your finger, bypassing all that morning racket for a gentle jostling. Each of the two rings can have its own separate wake-up time, designed for comfort with an elastic band so you'll hardly know you're wearing it.alarm_ring2.jpg When you wake up, place the ring on its charging stand, and its indicator light lets you know when its power's replenished.

alarm_ring3.jpg This design is especially appropriate for two bedmates who must awaken at different times, or for the hearing impaired. However, some users may sleep so deeply they don't even feel that tingling on the finger. Perhaps it could also be designed with aTaser-like electric shock. On second thought, that may not be very popular feature. [Yanko Design]

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