PS3's HD Video Downloads To Be Announced at E3?

N'Gai from Newsweek spotted a reason for that seemingly useless PS3 upgrade to 80GB: a new high-def TV and movie download service that they'll announce at E3. But not really in any detail.

...also an in-the-works video download service that will let PS3 owners download high-definition movies and TV shows, just as Xbox 360 owners have been able to do since November 2006. The frustration comes from the fact that while Sony will signal its intentions for the service during its E3 press conference, it won't go into any more details than that. We hear that it's because SCE Japan is still furiously beavering away at the guts of the service, and in keeping with the lips-sealed-until-it's all-shiny-and-ready-for-primetime culture of Sony's engineers that we discussed earlier this year with Playstation game software boss Phil Harrison, SCE will be, well, keeping its lips sealed until it's all shiny and ready for primetime. Bummer.

Great, but you know what? Sony has had a terrible record of doing video downloads. We love their TVs, but that expensive Internet Video Link has yet to show anything worthwhile in terms of content. [Newsweek via Kotaku]

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