PS3 Failure Rate Less Than One Percent?

sony_ps3_smash_broke_pieces_break_burn_overheat.jpgAfter recent reports that the Xbox 360 has a failure rate of 30%, one EB Games associate (their level in the company totem pole not clear) said this:

Failure rates for all other consoles were not high enough for EB to consider revising their policies. Most other console systems have a failure rate of less than one percent, including the PlayStation 3.

Sure, it helps that few people are actually playing their PS3s due to a lackluster game library, but you just don't hear about PS3s breaking—while at a recent Nintendo gaming event a gaming journalist confessed to me that half his magazine's staff had to replace their Xbox 360s. The bottom line: Sony builds solid products and keeps manufacturing in-house. Microsoft farms out each component to the lowest bidder, and the practice is hurting consumers.

Failure Rate [via digg]

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