Pro-Zune iPod Haters Respond To Hide-A-Pod With Their Own Fake Product

gallon_gel.jpgSome people see the Hide-A-Pod fake Zune case for iPods—a totally fictitious product—and chuckle to themselves. A pocketful of Zune fanatics saw it and decided to invent their own fake rebuttal product, which they also called Hide-A-Pod. While the pro-iPod Hide-A-Pod is a protective shell, the anti-iPod pro-Zune Hide-A-Pod is a colorful gel. The gist is that iPod owners who wish to protect their investment can lube up and "stick it where the sun don't shine." For the shuffle you need just 2 oz., says the fake ad for the fake goo, but if you own an iPhone, you're gonna want a gallon. [Hideapod Gel] Thanks Nate!

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