Poof! Stink Extinguisher, a Logical Review

QA_picture.jpgOkay, if you're one of those fops whose shit don't stank, or if you can't stand a little potty talk, skip right on down to the next post. For the rest of us, here's Poof, a liquid deodorizer that somehow creates a translucent seal at the surface of the water containing those malodorous turds. Just two magic drops of this stuff can supposedly kick up the "refreshing scent of Japanese mint" while shielding the rest of the world from the essence of your nether throat. Does it work?This can't work. Unless a few drops of this extravagantly expensive liquid can form a seal around every piece of crap as it comes out your ass on its way into the toilet water, and, unless it can encapsulate every single molecule of intestinal gas and shit stink that wafts around in the process, there's still going to be some reason for those poor souls nearby to turn up their noses.

We might as well face it: We're all animals. We shit, we piss, we're eating machines and we're basically gross. Let's just try to cover it up as best we can. Maybe a little Japanese mint scent wouldn't hurt, but for $10 for a half an ounce, you might be better off just giving everybody in the bathroom a couple of lines of coke to cheer them up from all that smell. [Poof, via Neatorama]

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