Philips TSU9400 Remote Control Features Massive LCD, WiFi

tsu9400.jpg As home theater systems get increasingly complex, the standard issue remotes that come with each individual component just can't get the job done. Philips' latest universal remote solution is the TSU9400, a palm-filling beast with a 3.7" TFT color touch screen display that runs at a crisp 640x480 resolution. But can it run your entire living room from across the house?

The basic remote functions are handled via run-of-the-mill infrared technology, but it doesn't stop there. In the habit of carrying the remote with you when you leave the room? No worries, the TSU9400 is equipped with 2.4GHz wireless capabilities to operate your home theatre without line-of-sight. The 64MB of onboard memory will remember all of your programmable macros so you can turn everything in your system on/off with the touch of a button. Good things come in small but pricey packages: expect to pay around $900 when this gizmo hits store shelves in the near future.

Full Specs: tsu9400specs.jpg [Philips TSU9400 FCC Release Info via Technabob]

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