Paper T-Rex is Bang-A-Gong-Tastic

anitrex350.gif We've already had some paper synthesizers today to get us in the mood for wonderfully useless products (Gizmodo, not just here for the shiny things in life) and now there's a paper T-Rex. Crank the handle and T-Rex munches on Captain Caveman—or whatever object you place in his path.

Flying Pig is the company behind this paper wizardry, and they have all sorts of objects for you to make, from drumming fingers and rowing sheep (Ewe-Boat, geddit?) to grumpy gorillas and broom-stuck witches—but no Transformers, alas.

The paper T-Rex costs $7.50, and comes as a flatpack.

Product Page [Flying Pig via Boing Boing]

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